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Here are some pictures of family, friends, and other stuff.

Mom and Dad

Here's a bad picture of my parents.

Pancake mix powah!

This is my older brother, Evan. Yes, that's pancake mix he's holding.

Tell likes snow. Snoooow....

A snowy day at my house, it's so tranquil! Then I come out and trample all over the place! >=)

Splashy fun!

In my town, there's a park with a fountain in it. I like fountains.

Baka! *whack*

The oh-so-powerful BATTLE FAN!! I hit people on the internet with this whenever they say or do something stupid, along with saying "Baka!"

Halloween 2002

It's me in my Skullroo costume! Aren't I cute? ^_^

3 coelacanth! Huzzah!

Sorry that this one has those bars of darkness. It was the best out of the four pictures that I took. Anyway, I caught 3 coelacanth in about an hour in acre F-5.

155,939 bells! Yay!

After I sold the living fossils, 3 Barred Knifejaw, and 4 Red Snappers, I had 155,939 bells! This rules!

Game Boy Advance SP, yo!

Me and my nifty GBA SP! Behold its power!


PLUSHIES! ^_^ These are Sarah, Garfield, Silver, and Fluffy!

Kitty! =^.^=

It's my kitty costume! Fear the kitty! =^.^=

Okay, can I have some food now?

Here's my little, eternally hungry, beagle Keli... hope springs eternal!

I wanna be a mongoose!

My GIR Plushie! *huggle*

I love that dangly crystal thing.

ChibiTell's bedroom. Fear and loathing.

My loot! All MINE!!

It's the pile of candy from my trick-or-treating bounty! And it's all mine! *clutches it protectively*

Selling the bounty...

I went to Nook to sell these biiig fishes, and my current 83,939 bells becomes...

Nice hair.

An old haircut of mine... still nifty though.


Me with my now-trademark bandanna.

It's time to DU-EL!

It's time to DUEL! Me with my Duel Disk toy. ^_^

More plushies! *huggle*

Spunky, my resident ferret, Cilucu, the acorn-crazed raccoon, Sully and Stitch. So what if I like Disney movies?


I look so unbelievably gangsta in this pic.

I was adorable.

Aww, I was so cute. My brother says I look like Selphie from FF8.

The older pics are courtesy of my crappy crappy Yahoo digital camera. The better-quality ones are from my dad's Olympus Camedia.