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Here's some of the art I've done. It gets better as you scroll down.

Vinci in all his chibiness.

TEXT: Chibi Vinci! (complete with ridiculously huge mouth!) Don't you want to hug him?

Chibi Vinci! If you don't know who Vinci is, check my Links section.


Vinci ready to proink an unsuspecting Arty... watch out, yumar!


Shuppet! In all its ghosty glory!

The lovely Bonita Kenzine!

TEXT: Bonita Kenzine
14 years. One kid. Sexier than ever.
Ah yes, it's my cheetah sweetheart, Bonita Kenzine! If you want to read up on Bonita, just check out my stories!

Chibi Jessy! (Jessy: I am not amused.)

Chibi Jessy! Yes, Jessy has been chibified more than once, just so you know!

She's a pretty good hunter!

Serena the cheetah! She's Bonita's first daughter, and a darn cute one at that. :)

Nate's fursona!

Nate as his furry self! He's a nifty artist, too!

Swim swim hungry...

Drawn late at night with an olive green colored pencil and a red Bic pen. I'm so weird.


Tenko, the half-raccoon half-tanuki mage of darkness, mystery and angst.

Ninjas. Only one of them this time.

It's more of a landscape than a character picture. I still love it.

Shuppet in color!

And I colored it in a little later. Ta-da!

Eric Buckland in all his deery-ness.

Eric Buckland from "A Doemain of our Own"! He's such a deer! *ducks as Jessy throws things at him for the bad pun*

Don't worry, I don't understand it either.

Jessy done up as the Grand Empress Corndog!
Jessy: Okay, bro. I think it's safe to say "JUST WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU ON?"

She's just TOO cute!

Serena as a human! Her cuteness intensifies with each pic!

Samurai Arty! HIYAH!

Samurai Arty! Also by Nate! Is he not nifty?


Toldja I was a furry. =P

Yay, it's Torimi! Weeee!

Torimi LeDant, the hyper peppy cocker spaniel girl of joy and whee!

If you'd like to see more of my art, or have any suggestions, just mail me at...!