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Super-cute pics

Here are the few, the proud, the kawaii pics that make it into my "Super-Cute" listing.

She's so kawaii! ^__^

First up is Rolley Cocker, from the Japan-only series "Palm Town."

More cuteness!

Yes, it's Rolley again.

Skipping along...

Yep, more Rolley.

"Mmm, yummy! ^_^"

Rolley again. Tasty!

Windy, eh?

Aww, isn't she the cutest dog furry you ever saw?

"Ow! I need those!"

Cute, yet capable of defending herself. Go Rolley! =)

Strike a pose!

By now, I shouldn't have to tell you who this is.

That's all the pics for now, I'll try to find more and update soon!